NBA Handicapping

Just thought I'd post some general thoughts on the NBA. We are now almost 1/10th through the regular season. The NBA is a long grind and with the playoffs, the reality is we have hardly begun.

There are several things I do in order to handicap NBA game sides. I do have my own data base that gives you lots of numbers. These include minutes per game, possesions per game, shooting pcts, etc. etc.
I religously work this data base on a daily basis and I then start to develop what "my Line" for the game would be.

I then do regular reading of local newspaper as NBA teams have what in America we refer to as "beat" writers. This is usually someone who's sole job is to cover the team for the duration of the season and write about it in the daily papers. Many bits of key onformation is found during this process, possible injuries, conflicts, travel issues, mental state of team, etc. are available though sometimes you really have to read "between the lines" for a single nugget of good information and of course some beat writers do a much better job than others.

After I have done my reading research I now start looking at posted lines. Usually this occurs the night before and sometimes I will spot what I believe to be an error and play the game shortly after it becomes available. Most often I will wait until the next day, day of game around 1 pm my time. This gives me additional time to sort through new news on both NBA team websites and the regular beat reports that are in the papers the next day.

I then finalize my picks after a quick double check of all the info I have and make my bet(s). The key is how you interpret the massive amount of information that is available. I try and immerse myself in the totality of the NBA and feel I know the league very well. My goal is to hit at least 54% at the end of the year. It is not easy, as the people who set the lines do a very good job. It is quite rare that I will find a game "way off" my projected line versus what is available. I feel confident that by staying actively immersed in the NBA (I have all games on TV live) and watch a LOT of NBA, that my methods will previal during the long NBA season.

I hope you enjoy the NBA this year and wish you all good luck.


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thanks chuck! very informative read, and it's interesting to gain some insights into your daily handicapping routine.
i'm with you on miami tonight. if wade plays 30+ minutes and shaq/zo are motivated, a cover should be within the realms of possibility...

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Das ist großer Sport - that´s great sport.

Thank you very much for this insight.
You are living from this sportsbetting? I count the number of dollars you have to wager to make a good deal. Sick :-)

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